Our Services


Our practice philosophy is to provide patient-centred care. Therefore our goal is to determine your dental needs and together with your dental practitioner, diagnose, treatment plan and provide high quality prosthodontic care and treatment giving you the best functional and aesthetic result possible.

Many patients are referred by their general dentist however a referral is not essential. Please contact us if you would like to make an appointment.

Initial Consultation
At the initial consultation, a comprehensive dental examination and assessment will be undertaken and may include clinical photographs, dental radiographs (x-rays) and study models (moulds) to correctly diagnose and treatment plan prosthodontic work. Accurate diagnosis is paramount to preventing further recurrence of the prosthodontic problems.

Treatment Plan Discussion
Once a comprehensive examination is complete and all diagnostic information has been collected, the clinical findings and diagnoses will be discussed. You will be given treatment options based on the clinical findings as well as the limitations, potential complications and an estimate of treatment time and costs. For more complex cases, a separate consultation for treatment plan discussion is offered.

Diagnostic Mock Up
Often it is difficult to imagine exactly how teeth will appear after prosthodontic work therefore a diagnositic waxing of the proposed shape of the teeth can be made using wax and placed temporarily in your mouth. This allows you to see the planned position and shapes of the teeth and give any feedback for refinement of this diagnostic waxing. Once you give your approval, we can start creating a beautiful smile for you!

Customised Treatment Plan and Costing
Every patient is given a customised treatment plan in writing as well as a costing to allow you to review it and ask any questions before deciding to proceed with treatment.